People with disabilities face many challenges, but none so severe as the social challenges that often have little to do with their actual disabilities. As humans, we all need to satisfy not only our physiological needs, such as food and warmth, but also our social needs, such as acceptance and social prestige. Often, people with disabilities receive the needed help in order to feed and shelter themselves, but social distance, neglect and even down right abandonment often are the root regarding the lack of fulfilment and self-actualization that we know they aspire to.


It is in this regard that we intend to help. In a world so interconnected, we have found that people with disabilities are not always able to create the needed social bonds. Though it is true that many cities and businesses are now equipped to be accessible by people with disabilities, it is often the people within those cities and businesses that will not take the first step towards creating the needed social network that can integrate this often-neglected minority. These are the doors that we wish to help open. Just like most doors in major buildings can be opened with the push of a “handicap” button, we wish to make opening social doors just as simple.


Our vision is that of a world where technology not only helps solve practical problems, but also helps satisfy psychological and social needs for those with disabilities.


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